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Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is well-known for its vast deserts and the holly city Mecca. As a Muslim country, most of the Saudi Arabian follow the complete Islamic rules and regulations at their wedding ceremony. Wedding in Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the most valuable parts of life. All the adult Saudi Arabians get married through a big and lavish ceremony. According to the Islamic tradition, the wedding ceremony is considered to be the weaving together of two souls and of two destinies.
Still now the majority of Saudi weddings are the result of arranged marriages. The couple are seen each other for the first time with their family members by a traditional program called “Shawfa”, which means “the seeing”. They can then agree to the marriage, having met and engaged.
On the day of wedding, generally the bride and the groom both wear traditional white clothes. The bride wears a traditional dress called “Zaboun” which covers all the body of bride from head to feet. A silver colored thread is included with this dress. The groom also wears a long traditional dress called a “Bisht” as well as a scarf over his head called “Pagri”.
In order to make the marriage agreement legal, every weeding needs a government approved weeding agent called Mimlik. At the weeding occasion, the Mimlik reads few quotes from the Holly Qur’an and then prays for both the bride and groom. He also ensures that both the bride and the groom agree to marry each other.
In a wedding ceremony, two different parties to be thrown, first one is arranged by the bride side and the second one by the groom side. The main wedding party is arranged by the bride’s side. At that party, it is commonly seen that there are two separate parts- one for the men and other for the women.

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