Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality

There are a lot of controversies that have been seen regarding concept of sexuality not only in the Arab culture but in other parts of the world. Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality has seen dramatic changes over time and with more people opening up on this topic then the trend is not going to change sooner. Many Arab countries are ruled on a religion based law known as Sharia law and therefore sexuality is a critical topic in an Islamic religion. The Islamic religion does not recognize homosexuality and this is one of the reasons there has been slow acceptance to any form of gay or lesbians relationship.
Although it is now inescapable the fact still remain that those who are practicing this kind of sexuality and relationship risk of being discriminated as well as oppressed by both the authorities as well as the society. It is clear that being a lesbian or a gay in an Arab country is a dangerous affair as witnessed in Egypt where there was a crackdown of all homosexual in Cairo. Although there has been a rising number of LGBT movements that are advocating for the right of homosexuals and bisexual there is still a long way for this battle to be won in Arab countries.
People from other parts of the world are the ones who are largely affected by Sharia law since most of them are not used to. They have to adhere to strict Islamic law that is used in Arab countries and therefore making life difficult to those who may have homosexual sexuality. Although there are scholars of the holly book of Quran who have changed their ideology there is still a stiff resistance on many to accept homosexuality. It is believed that sexuality was not originally based on hetero and homo binary, but something which has been shaped in the recent times to fit each side of the argument.

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