Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arab Culture and perception of sexuality

Many leaders have also taken up this subject and politicized it so that they can attract attention of the people. This topic has been used by repressive leaders as away to reject western influence terming it as against their religion. However, those Arab countries with a large percentage of non Muslims such as Syria and Turkey have seen considerable improvement in their perception of sexuality. The subject of Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality is not something that many people would like to talk about especially women. Women believe that they have limited rights as compared to their male counterparts. For instance divorce and inheritance law that is applied by many Arab countries favors men and therefore they are marginalized. Also during a wedding a woman is expected to be pure while the males are not subjected to any tests to see whether they are virgins. This is why many people would rather not talk about this subject as long as it touches part of religion as well as the Arabic culture.

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