Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dubai Internet City and international companies of Information Communication Technology

Dubai has created an infrastructure, environment, and attitude which significantly support the business development of Information Communication Technology companies. In a short period of time, all the international community of Information Communication Technology companies with more than 650 licensed companies have established in Dubai.

The international companies of Information Communication Technology like Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Canon, Sony Erricson, and Cisco comprise a range of more than 12,000 professionally skilled workers  of different nationalities. They provide services like software development, Business services, education and technology platform which is beneficial to business companies in achieving an effective business process, outsourcing services like call centre operation

The Dubai Internet City which had been launched in 2000, has a total development area of 2.25 million sq. ft. It has a very strategic networking base which provides a valuable element of business environment for every Information Communication Technology companies.
The Information Communication Technology companies offer an excellent quality in business networking interaction and a great advantage in enhancing problem solving and knowledge sharing by the business community.

Dubai Internet City has been designed, and developed providing a great performance communication platform in data networking. It has the leading industry ax structure connectivity solution for cable infrastructure, developed for the modern  era gigabit applications, a software solution providing the most comprehensive structure connectivity solution on every core of the business market. It is offering itself to be the central IT  and telecommunication companies in the Middle East. It has a free zone supported by the Government of Dubai, and have acquired a specific laws which empowered the companies for innovations.

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