Tuesday, September 17, 2013

English education & English language in Saudi Arabia

English education is being priority on the other languages in Saudi Arabia. In article 50 of the Saudi Arabia it’s compulsory for any student to learn one foreign language for the development of the country. Later that he can interact with foreigners with their native language for the sake of business dealing. In simple words, Saudi person convey his message self to other person. In addition, send his message of Islam and can serve the humanity. In mostly Saudi schools, English language compulsory for students. Its means English scope is being spread throughout the Arab. In Saudi Arabia many stakeholders, policy-makers and other decision makers are aware that English language can serve important tool for the development  of the Arab country in the shape of international relations and science advancement.
 As a consequently, the status of English language in Saudi Arabia is consider primary foreigner language and the country continues to reveal its considerable interest towards the English language. Therefore, if the country not obliged the English language as a second language in the country, then its consequences would be disaster. Some person are suggest English language as the second official language in Saudi Arabia. Because internationally English spoken everywhere. If Saudi not speak and listen English well, then it wouldn’t be easy to convey his message to other person.

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