Saturday, September 28, 2013

English Education in Saudi Arabia

Education was largely limited to instruction for a select few in Islamic schools when, Saudi Arabia formally became a nation in 1932. Today, public education from primary education through college is open to every Saudi citizen.
Language is the most influential and successful tool of communication. Men cannot communicate with each other without speaking words. It has a great impact on man's cognitive development. Without any language, men will be unable to integrate and associate the things they see in words, and that they will be unable to describe their feelings and define, construct and translate their thoughts to a communicative form. Every nation has their own language to communicate with each other and so Saudi Arabia has their own language also. Their national language is Arabic. The Saudis express themselves and communicate with each other using Arabic.
The economy and workforce of a country largely depends upon its education. To resolve the increasing demands of its labor market due to immense industrialization the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established its first Ministry of Education about three or four decades ago. The Saudi government with its over 20 million population, sought to replace its foreign workers by improving its own workforce. However a large discrepancy was found between the needs of its stable economy and the country's educational system. In order to meet the need its evolving economy the Saudi government also felt the need to integrate the English language into the school curriculum. The arrival of the Information Technology era galvanized the influence and effects of globalization which, even more triggered the mode. As a result, many international schools have been granted permission to operate in year 2006. Accordingly to improve the quality of its workforce the kingdom had adopted two ways. One is by improving its academic system at home by integrating English Education system into the school curriculum and the other is by sending thousands of scholars abroad.

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