Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get Saudi Arabia business visa and Family Visa

In another words, you can say the business visa visiting work visa. The hosting company can issue this visa. Most importantly, this visa processes same as the business visa, just only you have meet your host who contact to Saudi Arabia. You should pay compensation directly to the employer not to the Saudi host. He confirm your visa from the Saudi Embassy.
Government visa is not issue to any agent or hosting company.  It issue directly to the person from the Saudi Arabia government employees. This will proved your authenticity you’re government employee of the Saudi Arabia government. The process of this visa isn’t so difficult. Its process same as business visa.
 Another type of visa issued by the Saudi Government is family visa. This visa is issue only to family member with their family! In this category may be include brother, sister, wife, husband, cousin, uncle, aunt, or any other who is related to your family. This visa is only given by proving the blood relation or family tree, or marriage decree. When you proved this relation, then you can get this visa easily. There are lots of another types of visa which can be easily get by Saudi Arabia Government, but these were the most famous visa.

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