Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to get visa to visit Saudi Arabia

Have you ever traveled for Saudi Arabia? Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia? But you have no knowledge about visa process and how to apply for visa. Now, I’m going to know you about the visa process of Saudi Arabia. This article would guide you throughout the different process of Saudi Arabia visa. About its complication, rules, regulation, and its policy regarding giving visit visa. I’m hoping after reading this article you’ll be able to apply Saudi visa without taking any professional services.
 Unfortunately, currently Saudi Arabia have no issued any visit visa for the tourists. Many people want to fly for king Saudi Arabia but present no visa issue to any person. But don’t worry Saudi Arabia issuing business visa of its tourist, which known as visit visa.
 In these days, Saudi Arabia giving only business visa. This visa process is a little bit crucial but not impossible. After some gleaned information can be get visa from Saudi embassy. This visa is mostly giving to company related person, on company behalf, they can go Saudi Arabia without any hurdle. So business visa is pretty simple and straight forward process. Hope fully host in Saudi Arabia would ask from the client for scan his/her passport and then will proceed apply for invitation letter. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can do this process. After authenticity of the client from the Ministry, it will go back to the host company. Then, the company, a company seal will be posted on visitor passport, will prove it. After completion this process, an invitation letter issue to the client. The next step is client goes to a registered agent who facilitate and stamped on the visa from the Embassy.

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