Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it Most Modern Cities

Saudi Arabia is one country which has a wealth of history that any one can be interested to learn. Despite the richness that the oil producing country has there are many beautiful cities that carry their own stories since the ancient times and this is where Islamic religion has its base. With this kind of wealth there has been an economic revolution which has hit many cities of the kingdom and transforming them to modern architecture to respond to the high demand of housing and premises for business.
There are many visitors who come to this kingdom especially in Mecca and Medina city for religious purposes and this has come with its fair share of growth. These two cities have experienced growth in the last twenty years and the kind of architecture has also been influenced by the foreign designs. The new architecture has been employed over the traditional one since it is able to accommodate the changing needs of people of this region. In another city of Riyadh there has been an increasing population and new types of businesses such as supermarkets have been established to serve the people of this city.
This has made the city to transform drastically as old buildings are replaced with modern buildings that can accommodate more people as well as more businesses. With a high number of foreign workers in the region some of the Arabic designs are being overtaken by modern styles that are easier to build and can accommodate many people. Riyadh however has still an old town where architecture has not yet undergone remodeling. The city has changed so much that it is now the shadow of Dubai in this oil producing country.
Multinational companies are also settling in the countries and this is sheen in Jeddah city the second largest city after Mecca in the kingdom. The city host foreigner from almost every part of the world and therefore it is impossible for people of this city to still keep their cultural designs while many people are foreigners.  However in this city you will still find certain streets that have maintained their architecture and many tourists flock to this city so that they can see the cultural activities in the city. Traditional market can be found in this city and also this is another reason why many tourists come in large number to stay in Jeddah.
Al Dammam is another modern city that you will find in Saudi Arabia. Being a coastal city this city also receives its fare share of visitors from within as well as from other parts of the world. This is also where you will find hand work craft that helps to learn the heritage of the Arabic culture. With this kind of modernization it is estimated that this country will even see more cities leaving behind their culture to take up the modern design so that they can meet the demand for people shelter as well as for business being conducted there.

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