Saturday, September 14, 2013

Most Modern Cities of Saudi Arabia

Medina is little more than three or four hours away from Makah. Medina is very famous city of the Saudi Arabia. Medina is recognized by two different things, one thing Medina is city of Prophet of Muslims. And the second thing Medina people are very hospitable and kind. They welcome to the new comers with great enthusiasm. Because when you see the history of these people, a trait from Allah is given to these people, their ancestors were also very generous and hospitable. When you look into the history, here thousands of refugees came and native people accept them and also share property with them. The weather of the Medina is much cooler than Makah. There are several air conditioner which the atmosphere and chilly. The people of the Medina are very courageous and fashionable. Latest technology you can found here. Several eco-systems and underground basements are very popular among the people.
Al-Baahah is another modern city of the Saudi Arabia. It is situated a quiet southern town in the mountain. Here are plenty of cattle farms and camping grounds, which create its beauty more. Al-Baahah is famous because of its mountains, when you driving the sliding road you can enjoy and feel comfortable from others. It’s also very famous the name of windy road. At top of the mountain, you can view the sight of city thoroughly. Here is blow cool breeze with little moisture.  You can found families of monkeys and goats. It’s twisty roads is another interesting feature. The people of the Al-Baahah are very fashionable and up to date. Mostly they wear warm clothes to save from weather harshness.
The most modern city of the Saudi Arabia is Jeddah. Jeddah is only forty minutes away from Makah. Here is Red sea, which create the beauty of the Jeddah. Jeddah residents take the advantage of this beautiful see and absorb the awesome site of the sea waves. Red sea stuck the waves into the huge rocks bordering the shorelines. People here can find a calmer spot where they can dip their feet in, or swim and snorkel between the coral reef fantastic underwater lives. Here numbers of family come and enjoy the seashore. In Jeddah the Abdul-Azeez international Airport. Here number of western businesses and restaurants. Anything which you found in West can be found here in Jeddah.
The beautiful city of the Saudi Arabia is Taif.  Taif is situated only an hour from Makah. It’s awesome town with high mountains. Taif has lots of parks and greenery, which make city fascinating. Mostly family come here for picnic and refreshment. Many people come here in the summer period, because of heat they didn’t bear the heat of the coastal. The people of the Taif are very up dated and adopt the latest fashion. Their main income from agriculture and they wholly depend on it. Entertainment sources is another big feature for the source of earning to the people of Taif.

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