Saturday, September 21, 2013

Public Health Services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Public Health Services are heavily secures by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Basic Law states that the State shall guarantee every rights of its citizens in case of diseases, disability and old age. Medical care is consistently available free of charge for every Saudi citizens, particularly in urban centers. Women's access to health care is still restricted. They are prohibited to undergo a surgical procedure without the approval of a mahram. Saudi Arabia considered abortion as illegal in most instances, except under special medical condition. Unmarried, pregnant women are at risk of prosecution or loss of employment particularly the non-Saudis.

Saudi women represent the classic symbol of every Muslim women. Every women in Saudi is required to wear the full black abaya which is completely enveloped in black attire. This is in accordance with the ideology that a woman's body is sexually provocative, and should not be viewed by men. The reputation of a Saudi family is absolutely related to a woman's chastity known as ird. In this culture, every family members bear the consequences of dishonorable behavior derived from each member. It is a woman's obligation to protect the honor of her family.

Saudi culture believes that the fundamental building block of society relies in every Muslim family. In general, society and media are prohibited to discuss the reality of domestic violence, and no laws in Saudi Arabia protects women against domestic violence or marital rape.

Saudi nationals or non-nationals have no right to participate in a political activity. Saudi Arabia's conservative religious scholars forbid women to participate in the judiciary despite the availability of trained women lawyers.
The life of a woman in Saudi Arabia comprises with socializing within the family, neighborhood, and being active member in a charitable organization. Saudi women strongly influence the social development being as university professors, doctors, journalists, and even a religious scholars who write about women's issues. 

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