Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saudi Arabia school academic program

Few years ago massive scholarship programs have been offered to more than ten thousand Saudi students to study primarily in the United States and Canada. To monitor the potentials of Saudi Students a Part of the kingdom’s educational system is being integrated for the adoption of the English proficiency test. Now the country's academic policy seeks to establish two areas of concern: to upgrade the quality of education and to improve the academic system. This is done by starting to educate the Saudi children before the age of six, and that they continuously receive quality schooling until they reach the secondary and then the tertiary level. Maintaining and protecting the Islamic values the government emphasizes much premium on its academic system which should be part of the school academic program. Now by updating the educational program and school offerings, connecting the purpose of the educational system to the demands of the country, forming and building up an academic infrastructure that would support information technology and communication system that are instrumental to the ends of education, and fortifying the values of integrity and accountability the country has upgraded and enhanced its academic program.

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