Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saudi educational system and English language

Despite of all things, English language has achieved the eminent status in several sectors of the Saudi Arabia. This achievement of English language in Saudi Arabia can be seen in various ways. In which include social establishments and social fabric have the witness in current years. Education is also growing among the Saudi, mostly education institute are helping to improving the English language among them. This is the proof of expansion of Saudi economy all around the world. Media is also playing vital role to promoting the English among various society in Saudi Arabia. Some social program and events also enhancing the scope of English language.
 English language has gained the strong and palpable existence among the Saudi educational system. It could be many reasons. You can say it’s main and primary language taught in the Saudi schools. Universities colleges and school are pivotal role model to understanding the English language. Private school have also taken part in this step, English taught in primary, intermediate, and secondary levels. Even students have compulsory to taken the course of English. Some foreigner universities and colleges are taking part to introduce the English language in Saudi Arabia. In science and engineering the main medium of source is English language.

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