Saturday, September 21, 2013

Women's economic opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabia provide a particular progress in women's education and employment. But as a Saudi national, she has no access from benefits of the state. When a Saudi woman marries a non-Saudis, their children cannot receive Saudi nationality. But a man who marries a non-Saudi, can apply Saudi nationality for his wife and children. Saudi women cannot act as lawyers, and a woman who seeks access to the court must have a male lawyer or a male relative to represent her. In case of divorce or child custody, her husband will represent her who is also an adversary to her. Women are discourage to access the court at any levels. A woman is not considered a full person. The testimony of one man is equivalent to two women. 

There is no existing laws in Saudi Arabia which protect women from domestic violence or marital rape. A woman's testimony against her husband of sexual abuse or rape, find herself accused of illicit sex. A woman victim must produce the evidence of four witnesses. In recent years, Saudi government have provided increase women's economic opportunities. The Saudi families creatively advocated the establishment of women only shopping malls, private businesses, and several ministries allocated women only offices. The Saudi government is actively pursuing women's participation in the work force. There are Saudi women health care professionals working on a mixed gender environment in government hospitals. All levels of education in Saudi Arabia is free. Nearly 32,000 students in higher education is 56 percent women. But they are not admitted to study engineering.

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