Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arab culture and traditions

There are 25 countries and vast territories in the Arab world, and it is one of the highly restricted areas for the outsiders. Therefore the reality of the Arab world is still uncompleted mystery to others in the world. There are several leading countries of the world such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait; Syria etc. those countries are gifted with a very rich traditions and cultures. The pillar of the Arabic culture is the religion, so the most part of the culture and the tradition are the results of the constant practice of the religion, The Islam. So the religion and the Arab culture and tradition have a strong relationship.  There are another 2 religions the Arabian world they are Judaism and the Christianity, so as a result of those religions and faiths there is a rich culture in those countries.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some cultural fact about the Arabian society

The basic and the most important thing in the Arabian society is the family. According to the religion, everything depends on the quality of the family. The Arabian males do their best to keep the family on the right tracks. There is a wrong notion, that the women are deprived in the Arab society. The reality is not that, they offered the fullest contribution to their society with the males. As the religion takes the first place in the Arabian society, the culture and the tradition totally depend on the religion. The food that they consume is considered as the Halaal food, which means, the food, which is prepared according to the codes of the religion. They eat only the flesh of the following animals chicken, goat and cows in the form of chicken, mutton, beef and those also should be slaughtered in the perfect manner.
The Islam is considered as one of the toughest religion in the world. They are in the belief that there is not a god but Allah is the messenger of the god. They have created very attractive mosques to observe their religion and they take extra care to separate the genders even in the process of religious practices. The practice of the religion is a must for the males and they should reach the nearest mosque for that purpose.  Sometimes the women are provided with a separate place for their prayers. They have stronger rules and regulations regarding the marriages, In this culture arranged marriages are welcome and there should be the consent of the both sides of the marriage.  The freedom is there in the religion. The marriage is considered as a duty of the god and divorce and such kind of things are totally restricted, so the Arabian woman can enjoy a long lasting wedded life.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The distribution of laptop education in the Arab countries

The modern trends of the primary education have benefitted only to the students in the urban areas and the suburban areas of the Arab countries, the primary level students, who are in the less benefited areas are not able to enjoy these facilities yet. Sometimes it may take decades to reach the technology to those students of the rural Arab world.
The western countries have become one of the traditional fears of those in the Arab countries, so they try to enhance their skills and talents in order to face the challenges in the future. The advanced education that is given to the students will be a very beneficial in the long run. The introduction of the laptops to the primary education system has changed the system of education a lot towards the positive side.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some social practices of the Arabian people

Some social practices of the Arabian people
Most of them consume a lot of meat in their diet and they eat some fruits such as grapes., dates and oranges, which are in abundance in the oasis and the mountainous areas of the Arab world.They have several festivals such as Eid UL-Fitr, Eid UL-Adha and Lailat al Miraj and they are related to the religion. So the Islam plays a big role in the culture and the traditions. They have abstract decorations and floral designs, which are unique to this culture. Their architectural skills can be seen variety of religious structures in the Arab world. They do not paint or create human faces or creatures, as it is prohibited by the religion. The music is also dedicated to the god, the north Indian classical music and the Arabian tunes have originated from the same sources. The music is played and enjoyed mostly in the religious or other common practices.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dubai online and communication requirements

Even the web pages are toughly censored by the authority. There is not any chance to enjoy some social media networks, as they are blocked by the same party due to the religious and cultural needs of the society. The social media has been blocked and it is not easy to find any uncensored part.
As there are many companies in the city, it is easy for a customer to fulfill all his online and communication requirements. There are a considerable number of programmers, and they supply heater service, in order to improve the business and also to help the clients in related requirements. The city provides lots of advantages and benefits, but there is a problem. The internet charges in the DIC are higher than the other places in the Europe or USA. The .5 mbit connection fro the homes will cost around $45 per month. The city provides a minimum package of 2 bits for $ 180 per month. The charges may be higher for the packages of beyond 6GB. Not only the internet charge, but also telephone related costs are also high in Dubai

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The situation in the rural areas of the Middle East

The situation in the rural areas of certain Arab countries differs from the trend in the urban areas, but it only can not affect the total problem. Gradually those areas are also reaping the benefits of the development m and sometimes they prefer to work in suburban and urban areas, as a result of that they also tend to get the help of the birth control procedures.
 As the situation is same in the most of the developed countries of the region, so they want to increase the fertility rate.  The story is somewhat different in the low income countries. They have poor literacy as well as economical stand, as a result of that they are still under the iron shoes of the religion. In such areas people are not interested in population control. e some people even think that it is a sin or a crime against the god.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Arab's primary education laptop program

There are four levels of education can be found in the education system of the kingdom. The basic level is the pre-school level and there are another 3 levels.   In the initial stage, it should be paid the most attention in any kind of education system. The ministry of education has done a great deal of changes and reforms in the system of primary education in the Saudi Arabia.  Not like in other countries in the region the girls as well as the boys have been given equal opportunities in the process of both primary and secondary education.
 The ministry of education has introduced the application of infromatu9in technology at the basic level of the education system of the Saudi schools. Many students of the state owned schools provide the modern aspects of teaching and learning facilities for the primary level students in the kingdom. Though the Islam is the core of the culture and the tradition of the country, the government has decided to introduce computer education to the schools.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Discrimination of the women’s rights in Saudi Arabian society

The Saudi society is a male oriented society, so the women have to face a lot of discrimination in the society. The life of a woman has to be controlled by a male guardian according to the customs as well as the set rules and regulations of the country. When we compare the freedom and equality of the women with in the other parts of the women, the Saudi woman as to be upgraded a lot. The basic human rights such as travel, education, marriage and the legal rights also not provided equally fro the females in the society. They are considered as weak and powerless form of life in the customs as well as the rules .Which are formed by the state, according to the dominant religious influence.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some of the social cultural issues for women in Saudi Arabia

·         It is a must to have a male guardian for each and every woman who is lining in the country.
·         Those Saudi women are not allowed to cast their vote.
·         The women are not allowed to drive or ride.
·         They have to wear a special dress in order to cover their entire body. The others can see only hands and the eyes.
·         Single Saudi females are not allowed to associate with males in the society.
·         The Saudi women are provided with education, but that is only for the purpose of keeping the house in the best manner. Sometimes they are allowed to work, but they should give priority to their respective house.
·         The Saudi women can work only with the permission of their guardians. And they should be fetched to the respective place of work by their guardians
·         They are not allowed to take higher positions in the country. They are reserved for the males.
·         The girls and boys are taught separately in different schools.
·         There are not female teachers for the boy students.
·         The Saudi women have a limited facility in the transport systems.
·         Saudi Arabian women have limited access to public transport like buses and trains.
·         There are no restrictions on age for Saudi girls in marriages. They can marry even they are 9 years old. But they cannot have sexual intercourse until the attainment of the puberty.
·         After the legal separation the Saudi women have to hand over their children, when they are above 7 years old. The children must be handed to the males.

The Iranian expiring in the population control

 The Iranian government is one of the countries in the world, which thoroughly oppose the concepts of the western countries, but it has adopted its own policy to control the population in the country with the blessings of their spiritual leader. The Iranian health ministry was put forward a birth control policy in order to face the expected population explosion in the future. According to that policy only 2 children were able to have for the couples and it was a policy which has empowered about 2 decades.   The government has employed various types of birth controlling techniques and they also started state owned factory to manufacture condoms. The result was successful, but the authority has understood that they have become one of the nations, which has faced its extinction.
 The government completely stopped the program fearing the great risk of loosing human force in the future. As they are in need many people to face the possible threat of the western countries the government completely gave up the project.
Although the government wants to stop the decreasing rate of population growth, many critics say that it is not going to work. The modern Iranian society has become a competitive place with many women working outside and most of the families have to face economic issues. So the young people do not think about having many babies, as the government is expecting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Culture & Traditions Impact Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a place, where the gender discrimination can be seen in the prominent manner, though it is one of the developed and western influenced countries. The plight of the women is hidden from the society, and the sound of the women has been hidden since ancient times. The culture and the traditions of the country have been affecting the women since a long time. The same region has become the anchor of the society and it has enforced several restrictions fro women. Those restrictions have made the lives of the women rather difficult.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saudi Arabia Business visa and Saudi Chamber of Commerce

People driving between Jordan and either Kuwait or Yemen , transit visas for three days available to them as well. And all those who are driving between Jordan and Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) and are usually granted visas for a period of seven days. If they can prove that there was no other way to get to your destination only then be issued transit visas . To get a transit visa one must visit the embassy with a car and one passage in the book and DVD to prove that he had a visa for the country he plans to visit .
Visa for visiting one must have a Saudi sponsor ( company or individual ) who on behalf of the department it applies to Saudi Arabia for Trade and Industry for approval , if granted , will be sent a letter inviting him ( or direct to the embassy ) . Then you have to apply through your application in your country of nationality or permanent residence for Visa with the help of such a call sent from Saudi Arabia . This depends on the Saudi Embassy who you are making your application (always call the embassy to check ) , the most common will require a letter from the company determines the nature of your business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a message of support from the local Chamber of Commerce . Armed with these papers , and usually granted a visa without difficulty by the embassy , and sometimes even on the same day (if you visit in person ), but often within a week to 10 days if another application before.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Concept of modern education in the kingdom

The traditional ideas of the Arab society have been fading gradually, and the golden rays of the development of the information technology are covering the Arabian society slowly but in a steady face. The educated parents are trying to provide a better education for their sons and daughters. The introduction if the laptop in the primary and the secondary level of the schools has become one of the greatest steps of the reforms of the education system in the most parts of the Arab world.
The standardization and quality of the education is far behind, when compared with the same level students in the western society. But it is a very good trend, when we pay our concern about the restrictions and taboos of the Arab countries. The students' attitudes have been changed to a great extent, as the computer based education has become popular among the students.  The students are taking part in various activities, that can be obtained online and the assignments, which are proposed by their teachers.

Quality of Family Planning Programs in Middle East

Though some people say that the Arab governments do not concern about the growth of the population, it is not the reality. Many Arabian governments have employed several types of population planning project in their respective countries. The project is carried out in the restricted manner and the details were not exposed to the outside, especially in the western countries.
The governments such as Iranian, Syrian and some other prominent countries have put forward several proposals to control the population and most of them were fruitful. The educated and employed Arab people, who lived in the towns and the other developed areas, were able to follow the suit, but it was not so successful in the most part of the rural area of the Arab countries. The religious led society is not easy to be turned towards the control of the population in those areas.

How to get Visa to Visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult places in the world to visit. Anyone can visit Saudi Arabia but Jews are not granted visas to the Kingdom. The Saudi authorities have started tentatively to issue tourist visas, but only for those willing to travel as part of a group (minimum four people) organized by a recognized tour company (including dive companies) for the last six years. You can find the list of approved international and local Saudi tour companies who can arrange the visas online, issued under the sponsorship of Saudi (under its ‘Discover Saudi Arabia’ program). To issue a tourist visa it takes 14 days from the date of request. Also note that the validity of your passports must be for a minimum of six months, and women must be accompanied by their husband or brother (who must also arrive and leave Saudi Arabia at the same time) if they are under 30 years old. Men and women are only allowed to travel together (and granted a visa to do so) if they are (a) married (with an official marriage license) or (b) form part of a group. An unmarried couple is not permitted to travel alone together in Saudi Arabia (and doing so runs the risk of apprehension). Regarding the tourist visa, two couples can only travel together if they have come as ‘individuals in a group’. Any local tour company who has an excellent reputation locally is Sadd Al-Samallaghi Est based in Jeddah can offer you advice and guide you. 

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