Saturday, December 21, 2013

Arab's primary education laptop program

There are four levels of education can be found in the education system of the kingdom. The basic level is the pre-school level and there are another 3 levels.   In the initial stage, it should be paid the most attention in any kind of education system. The ministry of education has done a great deal of changes and reforms in the system of primary education in the Saudi Arabia.  Not like in other countries in the region the girls as well as the boys have been given equal opportunities in the process of both primary and secondary education.
 The ministry of education has introduced the application of infromatu9in technology at the basic level of the education system of the Saudi schools. Many students of the state owned schools provide the modern aspects of teaching and learning facilities for the primary level students in the kingdom. Though the Islam is the core of the culture and the tradition of the country, the government has decided to introduce computer education to the schools.

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