Monday, December 9, 2013

Concept of modern education in the kingdom

The traditional ideas of the Arab society have been fading gradually, and the golden rays of the development of the information technology are covering the Arabian society slowly but in a steady face. The educated parents are trying to provide a better education for their sons and daughters. The introduction if the laptop in the primary and the secondary level of the schools has become one of the greatest steps of the reforms of the education system in the most parts of the Arab world.
The standardization and quality of the education is far behind, when compared with the same level students in the western society. But it is a very good trend, when we pay our concern about the restrictions and taboos of the Arab countries. The students' attitudes have been changed to a great extent, as the computer based education has become popular among the students.  The students are taking part in various activities, that can be obtained online and the assignments, which are proposed by their teachers.

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