Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dubai online and communication requirements

Even the web pages are toughly censored by the authority. There is not any chance to enjoy some social media networks, as they are blocked by the same party due to the religious and cultural needs of the society. The social media has been blocked and it is not easy to find any uncensored part.
As there are many companies in the city, it is easy for a customer to fulfill all his online and communication requirements. There are a considerable number of programmers, and they supply heater service, in order to improve the business and also to help the clients in related requirements. The city provides lots of advantages and benefits, but there is a problem. The internet charges in the DIC are higher than the other places in the Europe or USA. The .5 mbit connection fro the homes will cost around $45 per month. The city provides a minimum package of 2 bits for $ 180 per month. The charges may be higher for the packages of beyond 6GB. Not only the internet charge, but also telephone related costs are also high in Dubai

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