Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saudi Arabia Business visa and Saudi Chamber of Commerce

People driving between Jordan and either Kuwait or Yemen , transit visas for three days available to them as well. And all those who are driving between Jordan and Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) and are usually granted visas for a period of seven days. If they can prove that there was no other way to get to your destination only then be issued transit visas . To get a transit visa one must visit the embassy with a car and one passage in the book and DVD to prove that he had a visa for the country he plans to visit .
Visa for visiting one must have a Saudi sponsor ( company or individual ) who on behalf of the department it applies to Saudi Arabia for Trade and Industry for approval , if granted , will be sent a letter inviting him ( or direct to the embassy ) . Then you have to apply through your application in your country of nationality or permanent residence for Visa with the help of such a call sent from Saudi Arabia . This depends on the Saudi Embassy who you are making your application (always call the embassy to check ) , the most common will require a letter from the company determines the nature of your business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a message of support from the local Chamber of Commerce . Armed with these papers , and usually granted a visa without difficulty by the embassy , and sometimes even on the same day (if you visit in person ), but often within a week to 10 days if another application before.

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