Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some cultural fact about the Arabian society

The basic and the most important thing in the Arabian society is the family. According to the religion, everything depends on the quality of the family. The Arabian males do their best to keep the family on the right tracks. There is a wrong notion, that the women are deprived in the Arab society. The reality is not that, they offered the fullest contribution to their society with the males. As the religion takes the first place in the Arabian society, the culture and the tradition totally depend on the religion. The food that they consume is considered as the Halaal food, which means, the food, which is prepared according to the codes of the religion. They eat only the flesh of the following animals chicken, goat and cows in the form of chicken, mutton, beef and those also should be slaughtered in the perfect manner.
The Islam is considered as one of the toughest religion in the world. They are in the belief that there is not a god but Allah is the messenger of the god. They have created very attractive mosques to observe their religion and they take extra care to separate the genders even in the process of religious practices. The practice of the religion is a must for the males and they should reach the nearest mosque for that purpose.  Sometimes the women are provided with a separate place for their prayers. They have stronger rules and regulations regarding the marriages, In this culture arranged marriages are welcome and there should be the consent of the both sides of the marriage.  The freedom is there in the religion. The marriage is considered as a duty of the god and divorce and such kind of things are totally restricted, so the Arabian woman can enjoy a long lasting wedded life.

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