Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some of the social cultural issues for women in Saudi Arabia

·         It is a must to have a male guardian for each and every woman who is lining in the country.
·         Those Saudi women are not allowed to cast their vote.
·         The women are not allowed to drive or ride.
·         They have to wear a special dress in order to cover their entire body. The others can see only hands and the eyes.
·         Single Saudi females are not allowed to associate with males in the society.
·         The Saudi women are provided with education, but that is only for the purpose of keeping the house in the best manner. Sometimes they are allowed to work, but they should give priority to their respective house.
·         The Saudi women can work only with the permission of their guardians. And they should be fetched to the respective place of work by their guardians
·         They are not allowed to take higher positions in the country. They are reserved for the males.
·         The girls and boys are taught separately in different schools.
·         There are not female teachers for the boy students.
·         The Saudi women have a limited facility in the transport systems.
·         Saudi Arabian women have limited access to public transport like buses and trains.
·         There are no restrictions on age for Saudi girls in marriages. They can marry even they are 9 years old. But they cannot have sexual intercourse until the attainment of the puberty.
·         After the legal separation the Saudi women have to hand over their children, when they are above 7 years old. The children must be handed to the males.

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