Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Iranian expiring in the population control

 The Iranian government is one of the countries in the world, which thoroughly oppose the concepts of the western countries, but it has adopted its own policy to control the population in the country with the blessings of their spiritual leader. The Iranian health ministry was put forward a birth control policy in order to face the expected population explosion in the future. According to that policy only 2 children were able to have for the couples and it was a policy which has empowered about 2 decades.   The government has employed various types of birth controlling techniques and they also started state owned factory to manufacture condoms. The result was successful, but the authority has understood that they have become one of the nations, which has faced its extinction.
 The government completely stopped the program fearing the great risk of loosing human force in the future. As they are in need many people to face the possible threat of the western countries the government completely gave up the project.
Although the government wants to stop the decreasing rate of population growth, many critics say that it is not going to work. The modern Iranian society has become a competitive place with many women working outside and most of the families have to face economic issues. So the young people do not think about having many babies, as the government is expecting.

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