Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why does Arab want to live in cities?

The most of the Arab people do like to live in cities, as there are several advantages in the urban life. Most of the countries , people are interested in living in  a calm and quite country side but the Arab people differ , as they like to live in the urban areas. The Arabian cities provide lots of benefits to those people, who are interested to enjoy the life in the city. There are several surveys have been carried out to find out his reasons and they also hound most preferred cities as well as the least favored cities in the Arab world.  Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah cities are marked as most preferred cities of the Middle East countries. The survey has revealed several factors that affect the trend of favoring the cities than the countryside. They have identified this as  
The highest paid occupations
More facilities to start businesses
Favorable environmental condition
Cultural and social factors
Labor rights
The high quality of life.

How to Get UAE visa instantly

The applicant must have a visa prior to entering the country and it is a compulsory step for a person, who is going to migrate to this wonderful country. The person must obtain a full passport, if he or she is going to work in the kingdom of UAE. The person needs to have sponsorship details from his or her respective company. The visa can be arranged according to the requirement of the person, there are visitor visas, tourist visa, transit visa or residence visa for him or her to select. The UAE embassy website offers the needy people with necessary details and forms. So it is a good choice to select UAE, as a destination for work and live, as there are several restrictions and issues for the foreigners in the Middle East region. The stable economy and the social freedom will offer ones total satisfaction.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Some interesting facts about UAE

If anyone wants to live in the country it is better to pay his or her attention to the following facts about the prevailing situation of the UAE,
The country is in the number 1 of the prosperity index in the Middle East and it secures the 30 th place, when it has been considered globally in the year 2010. The economical situation of the country is stable.
The working week is consisted with 40-48 hours and the weekends are Friday and the Saturday.
The English language is used for the business purposes in the country. Most of the business community can converse and work with English.
The government produces heath and most other e related facilities free of charge, and the rate if unemployment is kept under 2%.
Not like other countries in the region, there is the freedom for any culture and the religion. A person can practice his or her religion or the culture without any fear.
The 85% of the population is consisted with expats from more than 150 countries of the world.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Living & Working in UAE

Two decades ago UAE was not much interested place to live or work, but things have changed with the passage of time as well as the rapid increase of the economy with the help of oil resources. Now it has become one of the leading countries, where people eager to come and serve. There are many vacancies for the experienced professionals in various fields, so many veterans try to migrate and settle down. The economy has taken another step, and it is turning towards other sources of income rather than oil. The country has one of the well planned and the fastest growing economy.  The rapid development of the transport and construction sectors has created a considerable amount of the vacancies, and many foreign company s have started to establish their factories and offices in the country. There are a large number of vacancies for the trained labor and the expertise, so the needy person can migrate and settle down, while enjoying the advantages of the government.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The companies, which operate in Dubai

There are several  companies in information technology  such  as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Info Global Solutions Limited,  Sun Microsystems, Cisco, HP, Nokia, and Cognizant well as some other use based companies. There are more than one and half million square feet of office space and 850 companies. Furthermore there are about 10000 workers have been employed in those places of work. The workforce can be divided into low, middle and executive level. Those companies provide the customers with a great variety of reliable services. 
The cost of those services may higher than the parallel markets in Europe and the Asia. The companies have to operate under the strict restrictions and the supervision of the religious backed government. The Dubai Internet City provides the internet and a communication facility for various purposes and it is a very friendly place for the business activities. The problem is the internet and other sources are heavily senders by the government authority.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dubai internet companies and internet Quality

The Arabian region has become a hub of the economic center in the world, as they are the greatest exporters of the most refined as well as crude oil. Dubai has become the center of the commercial life of the Arab world, so the communication and the financial facilities have concentrated into this center. The government has created Dubai Information City or better known as DIC, and it is a free economic zone too.  This is a vast area which has designated to supply the versatile needs of the communication and online facilities and most of the companies are given tax benefits and other related facilities by the government. The companies can enjoy the tax and other related benefits provided by the government. The tax free policy has awakened the interest of the business owners and they prefer to initiate their business ventures in Dubai.

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