Thursday, January 2, 2014

The companies, which operate in Dubai

There are several  companies in information technology  such  as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Info Global Solutions Limited,  Sun Microsystems, Cisco, HP, Nokia, and Cognizant well as some other use based companies. There are more than one and half million square feet of office space and 850 companies. Furthermore there are about 10000 workers have been employed in those places of work. The workforce can be divided into low, middle and executive level. Those companies provide the customers with a great variety of reliable services. 
The cost of those services may higher than the parallel markets in Europe and the Asia. The companies have to operate under the strict restrictions and the supervision of the religious backed government. The Dubai Internet City provides the internet and a communication facility for various purposes and it is a very friendly place for the business activities. The problem is the internet and other sources are heavily senders by the government authority.

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