Saudi Arabia Culture

The Significance of Saudi Arabia Culture
Undeniably, every culture has significant tie to each nation and its people. Saudi Arabia culture is as interesting and challenging as culture of other places. Saudi Arabia is one of the nations or countries that have rich cultural practices that every visitor should know of.  It may be for tour, work or business sake, the knowledge of its culture will help each one attain success.  As we know, many visit and work in Saudi Arabia for good.
The most distinguishable part of Saudi Arabia culture is religion, Islam. Religion for Arabs is very important. Unlike other countries, its government strongly participates in the church or Mosque activities, practices and laws. All are obliged to follow their God’s will named Allah. Some of the sacrilegious practices include praying five times a day which orderly takes place during dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening.   Famous to all is their Ramadan which enforces all Arabs to fast from dawn to dusk. Since Saudi Arabia has 100% of Muslims, all business transactions are stopped.   Those who violate Islam practices will be punished accordingly. Non-Muslims are expected to respect Islam practices and not to publicly demonstrate their religious practices before the eyes of Arabs. 
Another interesting slice of Saudi Arabia culture is the manner of dressing.  Arabs wear modest or conservative clothes even if fashion in other countries is changing so fast in various designs or styles.  For Arabs, this modest way of dressing is part of Islamic belief called hijab. No wonder, women wear long garment that cover their head down their ankles. They even add extra piece of clothing, niqab, for their face that only their eyes could be seen. It is a requirement for women, so anyone who disobeys will receive a sanction.  Men also wear long garments but are allowed to expose their faces in public, not that very strict compared to women.  Aside from the religious aspect of wearing such style of clothes, wearing long garments protect their body from hot climate which Saudi Arabia has for several days and months.  For those who are planning to go to Saudi Arabia, it is good and wise to prepare long garments made from cotton for a relaxing and fresh feeling all day long.
And in order to have a successful socialization or relationship with Arabs, Saudi Arabia culture has unique ways of dealing with others. Arabs are not very much open about themselves with others when they are in public. Yes, they talk but limit only to general topic. Personal happenings are not supposed to be discussed in public. However, the conversation should take place between men to men, or women to women only. See, that is a very helpful practice to remember for developing and maintaining healthy relationship with Arabs or Muslims. 
Knowing Saudi Arabia culture is as important as knowing and respecting one’s culture.  It is significant for a harmonious, successful, and safe visit to this wonderful and rich country. 

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