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Dubai is amongst largest cities in the UAE, as well as the larger Middle East. Its inhabitants are diverse and include people of all races and careers. Many people seek for employment in Dubai because there are different job opportunities coupled with healthy working environment. Many job seekers prefer Dubai because of its booming economy. The country has the lowest taxes compared to other parts of the world, which increases the net income. Apparently, more than half of the population in Dubai is made of foreigners. The competition for lucrative jobs can be extremely high.   
There are different varieties of jobs in Dubai, in sectors such as transport, building and construction, business and technology. They are well paying and extremely competitive. Because of the booming economy, many of the companies there usually seek for the best talent. There are numerous businesses in Dubai because the government has put measures in place to stimulate economic growth. The construction sector is developing rapidly, which means the infrastructure is excellent. 
However, it is vital to understand the elements involved with the job market in Dubai. Employers in Dubai hire internally, which means job seekers should not expect an international HR. Dubai employers still practice the traditional means of hiring their employees. It is all about connections and building networks with the employers. Despite this, job seekers must have an aptitude for the job they want. Because of the high level of competition, job seekers must possess resumes that are up to date. 
It will also help to know that Dubai is an expensive city to live in, if one is not working. Visas can also be hard to get. It is better if job seekers contact the companies they want to work with directly. It is also helpful if one builds a reputation internationally. For a long-term employment opportunity, a job seeker needs to widen their scope or opening positions. It is benefiting to note that, the income in Dubai is tax fee, and even the lowest wages are comfortable to sustain families.  
The lifestyle in Dubai is that of a different culture. Therefore, it is better for people to prepare to adjust before making a move. Professional relationships in the Middle East are all about friendships and building connections. One has to have an outstanding reputation to survive in Dubai’s employment market. 
Prospective employers will ask for documents such as passport size photographs, passport photocopy, and educational certificates. An entry visa is also beneficial for an individual to gain entry into the country. After entering the country and landing on a job, three most relevant documents include a labor Card, a Health Card, and a Residence Card. Expatriates have to take a medical examination that is controlled by the government.

Overall, there are different avenues to help find employment in Dubai. Several recruitment agencies can help job hunters get employment. It is advisable to look for reputable agencies. For those who opt to look for employment online, there is a lot of information available. Jobs can be found in sites like Emirates-Ads, and

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