Saudi Arabia Tourism

Music and movies these days are more and more attuned to the culture of Saudi Arabia. Now, the world’s telescope is pointed to the Middle East as travelers are enchanted by its rich history, travel destinations, cuisine and other things that can rouse the mystic in you.

Religious pilgrimage is also responsible for the booming tourism. It is recorded that an average of 3 million pilgrims arrive yearly to go to the Mecca to attend the Ramadan. Loreena McKennitt’s song Full Circle from The Mask and the Mirror was inspired by her travels to the Middle East and also the sounds of Ramadan.

There are places that tourists choose to go right away. Among these are the Red Sea beached known for their turquoise water that most people would like to go there for diving and sports.  Other places include the Nabatean ruins which became a powerful trading network in the time of Josephus(AD 37 -100). The Medina where the famous Mohammed’s tomb is located the nearest city with an airport that visitors can just go to fly to.

If you want to go for a more educational trip, museums are also places one can visit  for extensive knowledge of Arabic history. The famous which is The National Heritage and History Museum in Riyadh and the museum of Buraidah that lies in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. What’s more interesting about Buraydah is that it lies equidistant from the Red Sea to the west and the Gulf to the east. It has a population of 609,000 (2010 census). Interesting blurb about the museum:

 There is in the way of King Abdul Aziz Center next to King Khaled Beridp civilization, and there are days devoted to families and day for young people, and it recognizes the visitor to the area's heritage from all different aspects of life.

Music has also captivated millions due to the exposure of the youth to World Music in the internet. Mohammad Abdu is world renowned and his music captivates the senses that transcend culture all over the world with its percussive power as well as interesting instrumental arrangements.

 Shopping centers are also all over the place. The market places in Al-Baha, Abha, Buraydah, Tabuk, Najran and Jeddah all sell unique local merchandise . For those who are into the novel this will be places to go and bring items home.

If you are an adventurer, activities like hiking and trekking are also popular especially in   winding roads and pathways of the forests of Al-Baha.  For those who are into races, Camel racing is also very popular. Saudi Arabia is an interesting travel destination people go there for many reasons- be it spiritual, business, leisure or just the curiosity of knowing this wonderful country and its natural beauty.

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