People of Saudi Arabia

Cultural setting of Saudi Arabia
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the holy land of Muslim world and extensively recognized as the birth place of Islam. Today’s Saudi Arabia is inimitable in her heritage, culture and etiquette as this generation was ruled by the ruling dynasty, Al Saud. The cultural setting of Saudi Arabia and muslins are traditional and mostly guided by their religion and imposed by law and order of the country.  Movies and theater are entirely forbidden after 1980, DVD is declared prohibited by the government. However specific film and television shows are authorized after the censorship. A verity of cultural uniqueness is observed in the Arabs in the field of dress, etiquette, games and sports and religion which is found completely different among the contemporary countries.

Songs and Dances
Al-sihba is most popular folk music in Saudi Arabia and mostly enjoyed in the wedding ceremonies and any engagements. Samri is the most attractive traditional form of music. Al ardha is the national dance ceremony of Saudi Arabia. The sword dance says their Bedouin tradition and danced shoulder to shoulder by the sword carrying men with the rhythm of drums. There are Dabka dance and belly dance in different style is exclusively enjoyed by the Arabian ladies.

Dress and uniform
In light of Islamic modesty in dress the Arabians ladies remains strict in wiring hijab mostly loose and flowing but covering the whole body. The men usually wear shirt unto ankles with keffiyeh on the head. Women clothes are nicely designed and decorated with appliqués, coins and metallic thread. In the public place women usually wears burkha and abaya.

Sport and Games  
Football is the national games of Saudi Arabia but basketball is widely popular. Otherwise camel and horse races are organized in many places of Saudi Arabia.

Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia. As per the existing law, all of the Saudi citizens have to be Muslim and non-Muslim religions are strictly prohibited. Religious liberty is non-existent in Saudi Arabia

Customs and Etiquette
During meeting normally men shakes hands with each other. But bosom friends express the greeting through handshake with a kiss on each cheek. The Women usually hug and kiss close friends. But greeting of men and women in public place is strictly prohibited except the family members. In practice people carries some gift if they are invited in the houses but they do not open the gift during reception. Saudi Arabian generally removes their shoes while entering any house. Separate Seating arrangement is done when there is an entertainment in combination of men and women. In practice dates are served in the commencement of any gathering and celebrations. 

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